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Hillcrest's video products are CD-based and intended for use on a computer.  These are not DVDs (i.e., can be played on your television set through your DVD player).  These CD's have been tested on a variety of platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux), and are intended to be used via a web browser and whatever default video player happens to be installed on your system.

The "beginning" of the CD is the HTML page "index.html" - although there is no harm in selecting any of the other HTML pages to start.  Once you open one of the pages, the navigation will be on the left, and it should be pretty obvious from there.  The pages contain description of the techniques, plus also frame-by-frame pictures.

To open a video, simply click on the description of that technique (not the pictures... sorry!).

If anyone has any issues at all, please
do not hestitate to contact us at hillcrestama (at) yahoo.com.  Thank you for your patronage!
<---  This is what the pages will look like.  Menu on the left, content on the right.

Windows Notes

After inserting the CD in the CD player you will get a dialog box saying "play videos/copy files to local disk/(etc)".  If you click "play videos" Windows Media Player will begin iterating over all the videos on the CD and start playing them in sequence.  If you like what you're seeing, that's great, but this isn't how the product was intended to be used.

On Windows, it is best to copy the contents of the CD to your local computer.  Windows Media Player can get "choppy" when playing videos from a CD, so local access is best. 

Also, the "half speed" play feature of Windows Media Player is choppy, even when playing local video files.  I don't have a work around on this because RealPlayer doesn't even support a half-speed feature, and I'm open for suggestions (please email if you have ideas).  The frames are all there in the video file, but WMP seems to skip around.. 

Mac Notes

Tested on Firefox browser.  No known issues.  Videos were able to be played directly from the CD without looking choppy. 

Linux Notes

Tested on Redhat and Firefox browser.  No known issues
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