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New From Hillcrest!!

Hillcrest is proud to announce the first in a series of innovative instructional video products.
The videos are available for sale at the dojo and online at Amazon.com.

The products are on CD (Compact Disc) format viewable with a computer and combine text, frame-by-frame pictures and descriptions of techniques, and video clips.  Effectively, it's
"a book on a CD, with video". All products have a "Printable View" that contains all categories on one page for easy printing and take-along reading.The CD's work on Windows, Mac, and Linux.
For technical support questions, please see the
Video Products Technical Notes page.
Fenix Women's Self Defense

Fenix Self Defense, in association with Hillcrest Goshin Jujitsu, introduces a street self-defense CD for women.  James and Meghan break down the strikes and techniques for a variety of grabs, bearhugs, chokes, and ground defense, including street scenarios.  23 all-new high-resolution videos, 125 pictures. 

See the
Amazon catalog listing    Buy Fenix Self Defense from Amazon
Goshin Jujitsu Techniques Volume 1

This CD contains 31 videos and 126 pictures in a medley of techniques in hands, kicks (street applicable), ground, throws, and defenses for headlocks, chokes, lapel grabs, bearhugs, and weapons. 

See the
Amazon catalog listing    Buy Goshin Jujitsu Techniques Volume 1 from Amazon
More Products to Come!

Future titles will include Fundamentals, Weapons, and Bearhugs/Grabs.  And more!
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