Hillcrest Academy of Martial Arts
Instructor Techniques Demo
February, 2005
More About The Instructors
(webmaster) The movies are all in AVI format, and are from 1 to 1.5 meg (~5-7 seconds) for the
techniques, and 3-3.5 meg (~15 seconds) for the grappling sequences.  This is a great sample of
Jujitsu including hand & kick techniques, throws, grabs, chokes, bearhugs, and weapons.
Not all Hillcrest instructors are featured.  
James Longs - 6th Degree

Rocker block with armbar takedown
Defense from thrusting knife
Defense from running charge
Kick from inside block from a punch
Hand techniques with throw
Defense from 2-hand front choke
Jim Meola - 8th Degree Black Belt

Rocker block and osoto sweep
Outside block, ridgehand, and rear sweep
Defense from side bearhug
Outer block and kicks from a punch
Irimi from punch
Grappling sequence with armbar finish (17 sec)
Dan Rozelman - 5th Degree

Defense from gun high/rear with 2-hand purchase
Irimi from puch with armbar finish
Defense from an especially hard running charge
Headthrow from haymaker
Outer block and kicks from a punch
Dan bouncing Jim like a tennis ball (shoulder throw)
Dan bouncing Jim, redux (ankle throw)
Bob Patete - 5th Degree

Outer block with kicks and peel takedown
Defense against side-swinging baseball bat
Defense against rear bearhug (over arms)
Grappling sequence with armbar f/ top (13 sec)
Dennis Bova - 5th Degree

Defense from front bearhug (over arms)
Defense from 2-hand lapel grab
Another Defense from 2-hand lapel grab
Throw from punch
Joe Stavec - 3rd Degree

Defense from 2-handed front choke
Outer block and takedown from punch
Kick to knee from punch
David Zake - 4th Degree

Rocker block with knee & elbow finish
Outer block with kick, break, and takedown
Inside block with right shuto, headthrow
Diane G. - 4th Degree

Defense from 2-handed rear choke
Defense from side-bear hug
Push block and ridgehand strike from punch
Chris T. - 3rd Degree

Rising block and sweep from punch
Hand techniques (hammerfist) from inside block
Hand techniques from inside block
Outer block and kicks from a punch
Mike C. - 3rd Degree

Defense from side bearhug
Defense from front headlock
Defense from front 2-hand choke
Meghan - 1st Degree

Irimi from punch
Palm heels and strikes from inside block
Uppercut, arm break, and thumb peel
Parker Bean - Yoga instructor

Extremely flexible Yoga sample (15 sec)
Important! -Defense against weapons such as guns and knives should only be used in
life-or-death situations because they are inherently dangerous propositions.  Contact
Hillcrest for professional instruction.
If anybody has any problems playing these videos (e.g., "unable to download an appropriate
decompressor", etc.) try upgrading to the latest Real or Windows Media player.  When all else
fails, email the webmaster at hillcrestama (at) yahoo.com
On the lighter side..       Just to show we have a sense of humor... (2 sec)