Academy of
Martial Arts

Goshin JuJitsu
Combat JuJitsu
Goshin JuJitsu, Karate, Combat JuJitsu
         "The Grappling Art"

U.S. Army Special Forces Instructor
Law Enforcement Instructor

Hillcrest is a member in good standing with the
All Japan Jujitsu International Federation
and Goshin Dai Ryu Federation

Master Instructors
S.J. Meola, J.M. Meola

Hillcrest has been teaching martial arts
(Jujutsu/Jujitsu, self-defense, grappling) in
Cleveland, Ohio since 1976.

Schedule of Classes     (new)

Adult Classes
Tuesday & Thursday (Jujitsu)
Military and Police discount.

Children's Jujitsu Classes
Wednesday & Saturday

Meditation, Tai Chi, Yoga, Capoeira, Body
Sculpting, Fitness Training, Other
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4431 Mayfield
Cleveland, Ohio 44121

(South Euclid,
corner of Mayfield & Green)

Phone:  (216) 291-5040
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Hillcrest is a proud
supporter of the
Wounded Warrior Project