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Stay on top of the happenings at Hillcrest by joining Hillcrest Groups!  It's free!

There are lots of reasons to sign up...

                        * News!
                         * Test announcements!
                         * Schedule updates!
                         * Special training sessions!
                         * Tournaments!
                         * etc.!

Yahoo Group for Hillcrest:  

    (registration can be done interactively, but I believe this will want you to have a Yahoo ID)

     (or) email:   hillcrestama_jujitsu-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

      The "subject" and "body" can be anything.  Just email something to that account.  This does
not require you to be a Yahoo user.  When you recieve the confirmation email, just click on it and you'll see a page.  Select the "join the mailing list instead" option at the bottom.  This will enable the receipt of group emails without having to get a YahooID, if that's your preference.


Hillcrest will not sell/give/trade your email address to anybody else.  This is strictly for Hillcrest-related communications.