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Quality mats aren't cheap, but for any rolling at home they are a good investment if you want to avoid rugburn.  They're also useful for general purpose kid-play for cartwheels & stuff.  I find that puzzle mats provide price/performance value for home use.  You can't (read: shouldn't) take shoulder-throws on 1" mats (this is something that any of the mat-makers will tell you), but the 1" ones work well for a lot of things and are cheaper than their 1-1/2" full-grappling-thickness counterparts.  The 1" ones typically run about $20 for a 1x1 meter interlocking square (if I could afford it I'd get the 1-1/2" one, but the price doubles), so you can cover a 10x10 foot area for about $200 plus shipping.  The following is a short-list of puzzle-mat makers and mat-makers of other types...

Zebra Mats
Swain's Sports
Great Mats

... although there quite a few others on the market.  There are more variations in mats than I had realized, so I'd recommend
requesting a sample before you buy.  Hold it in your hand so you can see what you're buying.  They'll all send you one for free.  FYI:  I've been quite satisifed with the Zebra 1" puzzles I bought.

Logistical note:  if you have mats shipped to a business address instead of a home address you can save money on shipping (I'm not making this up).  Also, a 1 meter x 1 meter puzzle mat will not fit in a standard-sized trunk or back-seat (e.g., my Toyota Camry) so plan accordingly.

Grappling Dummies

I have no first-hand knowledge of any of these products, but the "dummy" concept intruiges me and I think one of these would be useful in training.  The big con for all of these products is the $350 to $500 price range.

Bubba Dummy
    This one is cool.  Has realistic joints, plus looks useful for throws as well as ground work.
I & I Sports
   This one appears to be intended primarly for ground work.
Dummies Unlimited
   Just my opinion, but this one is a little creepy looking although it does have realistic joints.
   This one looks like it would be good for throws, but doesn't have any joints in the arms.
   This one doesn't have any arms at all and appears to be more of a wrestling dummy

Swain's Junior Throwing Buddy
    This one is $100 (at last check) and is a kid-sized throwing dummy.


Everlast Heavy-Bag/Speed-Bag Stand
   I have this in my basement and I've been very happy with it.  Look around the internet for cheaper prices, but this is a good product.  Weights on the ends.are a requirement for anyone over the age of 13 hitting the bag or-else the stand will swing like crazy.  And get a heavy bag with a D-ring on the bottom and attach it using shock cords to the stand.  It reduces sway.

Century Bob
  Bob is a lot of fun to hit at the dojo (check around the internet for prices).  "Groin Bob", however is bordering on slightly creepy.  I think they just should have sculpted him wearing regular pants instead of what appears to be boxer-underwear.